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Here are your 2 Supercharged Bonus Exercises: 


1. Ask yourself, What pisses me off about the world? 

Oftentimes, our greatest purpose in life is driven by the thing that most pisses us off or makes our blood boil. 


~Maybe you can't stand it when people don't recycle. 

~Maybe you can't stand when people are mean to each other. 

~Maybe you get angry when women suppress or hide their power.

~Maybe you see gaping holes in our educational system or the way our children are being raised. 

~Maybe you hate that people are on their phones so much. 

~Maybe you're sick and tired of the GMOs in our food. 

What is it that you just can't stand in the world? 

Grab your journal, set a timer for 15 minutes and get writing. You'll find that the deeper you explore your anger, the more clues you'll get as to a direction you might want to move in. There's GOLD in your anger and self-righteousness. Allow it. Breathe into it. Explore it. And then let it lead you to your next right indicated action. 



2. Imagine you have 5 Imaginary Lives to lead. Money is no option. Your only goal is to have fun -- like -- to have a REALLY good f**king time with your life. Name your 5 lives.


(This exercise is from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron which I highly recommend picking up!) 


Once you've done that, pick one and see if there's one tiny little action you can take towards bringing that energy into your current day reality. 


Here are a few examples: 


1. Blue Man (this is always on my list!) -- Maybe you can start listening to drumming on Pandora. Or go to a music store to explore percussion instruments. Or attend a drum circle. 


2. Jewelry Designer -- Maybe you could go to a gem store to browse. Or search a hashtag on Instagram like #jewelrydesign or #spiritualjewelry and see what comes up. Or start a Pinterest board of jewelry that totally inspires you. 


3. Movie star -- Maybe you could go to AFI's Top 100 Movies of All Time list and start watching them one by one. Or pick up Variety and read about what's going on in Tinseltown. Or take an acting class. 



The possibilities are endless. 


Have fun. Keep exploring and expanding. 


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