Money Mindset REBOOT™ Tapping Challenge

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Money Mindset REBOOT™ Tapping Challenge


A 7-Day Challenge For Entrepreneurs To Tap Away Limiting Thoughts & Behaviors That Get In The Way Of Creating the Financial Future of Your Dreams


~About Pro EFT™ Tapping and how it can become part of your daily money mindset practices

~How to start feeling good about having more than enough (even when there are people out there who are still struggling)

~How to let yourself off hook for past money mistakes and open the door to true wealth

~How to release self judgment and tap into money love

~How to start seeing money as a tool for creating lasting positive change in both your life and the lives of others

~And so much more!

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7-Day Challenge For Entrepreneurs To Tap Away Limiting Thoughts & Behaviors
That Get In The Way Of Creating the Financial Future of Your Dreams

When you're an entrepreneur, working on your MONEY MINDSET is just as important as working on your business. 

And self-sabotaging behaviors can hide in the forms of feeling unworthy, holding yourself back because of past money mistakes, feeling greedy and MORE. 

That's why I've put together this 7-day challenge to work with you on several different money mindset issues, and to help you break your bad habits once and for all.

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“This is phenomenal for someone like me who gets overwhelmed really easily. It’s super fast and really easy. Its incredible how fast the energy shifts. I do it before contacting clients or when I’m stuck with my art.  

This girl is lovely, hilarious, funny, down-to-earth and real – I’ve been working with her for over a year and she is helping me clear out the blocks around money – asking for it, receiving it, setting prices. Karen is really really freeking good.” ~Jill Kane

Hi! I’m Karen Berzanski and I know all about fear and sabotage. I know what it's like to feel safer staying in your Comfort Zone rather than taking concrete steps to make your financial dreams your financial reality.  

And I've spent years untangling my own behaviors and un-learning the old money programs and paradigms I learned growing up that kept me safe, small and living far below my own potential. 

I want to share everything I've learned with YOU so you can:

—> Stop feeling icky or awkward about money
—> Lose the fear of "being greedy" if you charge for your products and services
—> Stop holding yourself hostage to your money past
—> Gain the courage to ask for what you want ...and So. Much. MORE. 



(All content is provided in a PDF
AND on a Password Protected Webpage for Easy Access)


DAY 1: Resistance to looking at your money
DAY 2: Not feeling link you deserve money because of past money mistakes
DAY 3: Tapping on the LB (Limiting Belief) of "Rich people are evil"
DAY 4: Feeling icky or greedy for wanting more
DAY 5: Feeling like other people are losing something by giving you money for your products or services
DAY 6: "It's not safe to earn more than my family did; It feels like I'm dishonoring how I was raised."
DAY 7: Tapping on letting yourself be an open channel to RECEIVE

BONUS DAY 8: Tapping on “I can’t be spiritual and rich.”

(except Day 5… it’s a few minutes longer because I was fired up!:)

8 Inspirational Money Graphics + Mindset-Shifting Blogs to go with them

2 Incredible BONUS Money Mindset Articles
1. Dissecting what “MORE” really means (& why you may want to re-think wanting it)
2. A story-you-won’t-believe about a woman who drastically undervalued herself and her services



PLUS, you’ll get access to the private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your wins and join a big wholehearted community of like-minded women (and a few brave men!)

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“Thank you for your wonderful work. I reap serious benefits when I practice with consistency. It's pretty amazing how serene my nervous system is after tapping.”