Stop being afraid to fail

It’s inevitable.

You’re going to fail.

It’s just a matter of when.

(Wait! Don’t go...! I promise this gets better... :)

What I see is that many of my clients are afraid to fail because of what other people will think – or what they’ll think of themselves based on the story they create about their failure.

Failure is just something that happens.

It’s not good or bad – it’s just information.

Now, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to feel some negative emotions because “it’s just information.”

Unless your a bodhisattva, you will.

You may cry.

You may feel hurt or disappointed or embarrassed.

You may wonder if you’re on the right path.

And that’s ok.

Those are normal thoughts and feelings.


(That's really important, so please don't mind me while I repeat it....)

Feeling hurt, disappointed, embarrassed, or like you're not sure if you're on the right path is NORMAL. It is NOT a reason to quit, think less of yourself or beat yourself up.


It’s important to recognize these feelings as a normal part of the journey. Because if you start making yourself bad or wrong or less than, you put yourself in danger of quitting.

You start thinking something’s wrong with you when there isn’t.

Building a business is a process.

Putting yourself and your gift out into the world can feel full of fragility and uncertainty.

And you will have missteps and lots of information gathering along the way.

Don’t make yourself wrong for it.

You really are closer to succeeding than you were before you failed. (cheesy, but true.)

Feel into any emotions that come up when you think about failure. Tap through the points. Let yourself breathe into the fullness of whatever comes up.

And then let that shit go.

You’re amazing at what you do.

And with every failure, you get more attuned, more aware, more intuitively focused on what to do next.

Keep showing up, darling.

You got this.

Over to you: Tell me about a failure you experienced and how you recovered and came back stronger in the comments below.