Need a little push to get back in gear?

Push to get back in gear.png

Wow, can you believe it's SEPTEMBER already?!! I mean... 


I don't know about you, but I'm already thinking about 2018! I even got my fave fancy planner already.


It's easy to get to this time of year and think, "Oh, well.... I didn't get to where I wanted to be and it's already September (!), so I'll just wind down, call this year done and wait til January to start again." 


I know I've definitely felt my energy waining around this time in years past and it's taken a conscious commitment to rev my engines and keep going. 


But guess what? 


We still have FOUR WHOLE MONTHS left of 2017!! That's an entire quarter of a year. That's 122 days! 2,928 hours!! 


What I'm saying is, that's a lot of time left to create something truly amazing, call that potential partner, get featured in that magazine, design the next version of your webite, create a new product, plan an amazing trip, sign a couple of kick-ass clients, get in great shape, launch your awesome thing -- whatever


Don't wait til January. 


Start now. 


(Yes, like, right now!) 


What would you most love to complete/ accomplish/ experience/ try before the clock strikes 12? 


It's not too late. 


And it's certainly not too early. 


What's stopping you from hitting GO? 



Here's your Lucky Work for this week: 


1. Write down 1-3 things you would LOVE to have happen by the end of 2017

2. Write down all the reasons why it can't/won't happen

3. TAP ON THAT -- Do a few rounds on the limiting beliefs that come up for you and then tap into the more affirmative statements you want to believe moving forward.

4. Take one little turtle step forward towards your vision. 



Remember, a little bit of tapping goes a LONG way. 


Tapping consistently (even just 5 minutes/ day) will get you the best results and make you feel the most amazing. 


You have everything you need inside, . 


If you need help figuring out the rest of your year or need help with tapping scripts, come into the group and ask away! 


And if you're afraid of falling back into old patterns or sabotaging your own success, remember, I've got you covered