How I manifested 4 publicity opportunities in one week


I had some really cool opportunities pop up this past week.


Two people reached out from 2 different outlets and asked me if I'd be interested in collaborating.


And then I got 2 more opportunites the very next day that are of an even bigger caliber and I am going to have the potential to reach a lot of people.


It's pushing me to the edge of my comfort zone, which is not very comfortable!


(That's another blog post... maybe next week. :)


Today, I want to talk about how this happened.


The honest answer is I have no idea how this happened.


But on another level, I can say that I do know how it happened.


I know that this universe we live in is all energy and we're all attracting to us the energy we're putting out because like attracts like.


It's not an accident that this is all happening now.


It's a result of years (yes, years) of hard work, getting my sh*t together and showing up consistently.


It's the result of tapping through my own fears and limiting beliefs that have told me I'm not good enough, I don't deserve it, I haven't worked hard enough and there's always someone better than me.


It's the result of constantly monitoring my own thought patterns, being aware of how my mind can use it's own intellect against me, tapping through those fears and egoic stories and then allowing something greater to lead me -- something that helps me remember that I am worthy. I am enough and I do deserve it -- all of it.


That's what helps me to show up day after day, to create day after day, to work my ass off day after day -- and do it all consistently and with as much excitement as I can muster.


It's not some magical fairly-land gift from the universe that manifested "out of nowhere."


It happened because I planted my seed 3 years ago and I watered it and tended to it day after day even when I couldn't tell if anything was really happening.


It happened because I showed up consistently, even when scared out of my mind and I had the cojones to believe that what I do could make a difference in someone else's life.


I'm so excited about what's to come.  And you better believe I'm tapping on it! Tapping on "it's safe to be visible", tapping on not sabotaging myself and just being safe to be me (and not some weird alternate version of me who thinks she needs to be someone she's not in order for people to like her.)


Success doesn't come out of nowhere. Success is drawn naturally to those who prepare themselves for it.


What are you doing today -- and tomorrow -- and the next day -- and the next -- to prepare youself for success? Are you watering your seeds? It might not look like anything is happening just yet, but it is. Things are taking shape and the universe is watching how you show up and noticing the kinds of actions you're taking to build the foundation you need in order for success to reach you.


It's your job to stay in the state of mind (and body) that allows you to keep moving forward. With joy. Having fun. Present and in-the-moment. Enjoying the ride. And taking consistent, scary, intuitively-informed action.


You can do this.


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Show up like you mean it. Tap like it's your job. Believe in yourself above all else. Go out into the world with unapologetic badassery and do your thang.


You got this. I believe in you.