3 ways to cultivate an abundance mindset (that don't include money!)

Are you focusing on what's possible for you? Or are you focusing on what you don't have, what you need to get, and all the reasons why it's not here yet?


If you're anything like me, you've spent a lot of time in that second category.


Maybe you're even still there. That's ok. I'm going to share one of the reasons why you might feel inclined to live from that place (lack) and how you can start moving into a place of abundance.


One of the biggest reasons I see, both for myself and my clients, as far as why we tend to lean towards the lack category is that we were raised in a home where every penny was watched and money was a point of contention, rather than ease and joy.


Do you resonate with any of the following?


~You've always felt like you were "just scraping by."

~Your parents told you "money doesn't grow on trees" or "we're not made of money."

~You grew up hearing your parents fight about money (and maybe you even felt like it was your fault).

~You have the mentality that you shouldn't need any more than you need to live on.

~You feel like you might run out at any point.

~You're in a constant state of anxiety about your finances and how much you have.


All of these things create kinks in your energetic hose. Whether it's a present day thought or a past memory, your brain reacts to it in the same way -- it turns on that pesky fight-or-flight response and keeps you in a state of stress.


When we're stressed out (especially about our finances) it's super tough to create a feeling of abundance.


In order to really be in the flow with finances -- whether you're 10k+ in debt or have a million dollar biz -- you've go to get yourself in a state of gratitude, abundance, generosity and ease.


Here are a few ways that you can practice getting in that state (that don't include money!)


~Give compliments freely 

Go out of your way to look for lovely things about people you meet each day. Whether it's someone with a great smile, a great pair of shoes or a killer statement necklace -- start shouting out people for their awesomeness, beauty and good taste.

You can also check out people's websites and let them know that ________ totally inspired you. Or their latest newsletter really shifted your perspective on something. (People LOVE when you reply to their newsletters! Trust me. :)

Giving compliments allows you to start sharing generously in a way that makes other people feel great and, in turn, you wind up feeling great too. And guess what else happens? That person remembers you. That one compliment could leave such a great impression on someone that they wind up recommending you for a speaking gig or a workshop or something else your mind can't even think of!


Here are some other examples:

~Re: Your BFFs latest profile pic: "Wow, girl, you are smokin'. Keep shining."

~Re: Your friend's latest attempt at going green:"Hey, I saw your new vege garden in that pic on fb! Wow! Nice job, green thumb! I'm impressed."

~Re: An image from someone random you follow on IG: "Love this image. Totally needed that today. Sometimes we just need to be reminded we are worthy. Thank you for the reminder. XO"



~Share resources as if your success was dependent on theirs.

I have to (somewhat embarrassingly) admit -- In the past, I was always afraid to share resources because I thought that meant someone else would start to move faster than me and I always wanted to stay one step ahead. Now that I've been studing abundance and money, I know that lack is not real and there is more than enough for all of us.

Did you see a great opportunity for publicity for a fellow coach friend or actor friend but you're afraid they might get it and you won't? Share it! (And use the mantra: There's more than enough for all of us.).


Hear of a great networking event where some really key players in your industry will be but are hesitant to tell your friends because you're afraid they'll steal the spotlight? Tell them!


What's going to happen is that they are going to be SO GRATEFUL that you thought of them. AND, they are going to REMEMBER that you did that so when they hear about a juicy opportunity that could be perfect for you -- guess who they're going to call? Sharing resources is always a win-win.



~Like and Comment and Share on Social like a Crazy Person.

Do you ever find yourself holding back on likes and comments (and gasp! ...Shares!) because you feel too cool to like too many things? Or like, you sould only Like the things that you really like or the things that really matter?


Stop it.


Commit right now to liking and commenting and sharing like you were the Mom of Facebook/ IG/ and Twitter. Your mom wants to let you know how much she loves you and she unabashedly signs up for your list, likes your posts and cheers you on. Sure, it's a little cheesy, but she's Mom and she doesn't care. Be more like Mom if you want to shift into abundance. 


Give give give those likes, comments and shares freely. I bet what you'll find is that people engage with you (and YOUR posts) more, you start to build (or rekindle) some cool relationships and -- omg! you start to feel way. more. abundant.


The fact of the matter is, there are infinite ways you can give freely and effortlessly without spending a dime. 


Start to focus on these 3 things this week and start noticing where else you might be able to be generous with your time, your energy or anything else you have to give. As you start to place your focus more on what you have and how you can serve, you are going to start shifting into a place of feeling like you have more than enough (and you always do).


Remember: Always give generously without the need to get anything in return. That makes you a beautiful rare and lovely bird in a world that can all-too-often feel disconnected and scarce. 


People will flock to you because we all want that -- We all want to feel like there is more than enough to go around, people are generous, resources are plentiful.


Our bodies are actually wired to believe that because it's true.


Be one of those people.







Here's a short tapping script to help you get "in the mood" ... :)

(There's a downloadable diagram of the tapping points in my private Facebook coaching group -- Join by clicking the image at the end of the script below)

Even though there's this feeling of "I don't have enough", I love and accept all of my parts.


Even though there's this part of me that feels like it should hold on to all of my resources, money and everything else -- I love, honor and acknowledge all of my parts.


Even though there's this feeling of not enough, I choose to remember there's another way to think about this.


There's not enough

I don't want to share

I don't have enough to give away

I need to hold on to everything I have

Or I won't have enough

This feeling of lack

This feeling of not enough

I want to let it go

But I don't know how


It's so familiar

It's what I know

It's how I was raised

But I want a new experience of life and money


I want to believe there's enough for all of us

Including me

I want to let go of this worry and anxiety

I want to let go of this fear

And choose to trust that I'm always supported

And I always have more than I need


The more I focus on what I already have to give

The more abundant I feel

I am already abundant in so many areas of my life

My kindess

My presence

My health

My friendships and relationships

As I practice extending my abundance in these areas

It becomes easier and easier to give away what I have in such bounty


I choose to give freely

I choose to share

I choose to give what I can give

I let go of any thoughts of lack

I breathe into any resistance

And I let it go with ease

The more I practice abundance in these little ways

The easier it becomes

And the more that flows back to me


I choose to stay in the flow

With ease and gratitude

I choose to practice abundance

There's more than enough to go around

I always have everything I need

I always share from my overflow

There are infinite ways to feel abundant

And I'm tapping into them right now

I am fully supported

Letting go of any remainng anxiety or fear

And choosing generosity, love and expansion.



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