Your money doesn't want you to be clear

There are many ways sabotage can show up in relation to your money.

But there's one that I haven't talked about that I think is really important to address.

It's jumping from one idea to the next to the next.... without ever actually seeing any one thing to completion.

Your swampy area always wants you to focus on the "next biggest and best thing." 

Swampy Area: (noun): the place in your mind that holds all the hidden programming, beliefs and stories holding you back from what you really want

It gets you super excited about one thing and then when you get to a certain point (usually the half-way-ish or more point... just when you're starting to make significant progress) -- a voice comes in and tells you that the current project is stupid (or not realistic, or good enough, or what. ever. enough) and that you should shift your focus to _____XYZ because that will be so much better, smarter, more sensical or logical, etc.

Oftentimes, your Swamp will tell you "You're really passionate about this other thing anyway. Who were you kidding with that original project? This is a much better idea."

And then you get oh-so-far with this 2nd project only to start eyeing the first again and possibly a 3rd or 4th.

Now, you might be asking, "But, Karen! Isn't having lots of ideas a good thing?!"

To which I would answer, "Hell, yes! AND -- you should write down the ideas that aren't related to the thing you originally started working on in your EVERNOTE (or wherever you keep notes) so you can come BACK to them AFTER you've seen your first project to completion."

Jumping from one idea to the next to the next -- is a losing game financially speaking.

If you look at successful entrepreneurs, they focus on ONE thing and they put EVERYTHING they have into that ONE thing until that one thing starts bringing in the cash.

I talk about this more in depth in my 8-week course, Mindset Blast Off™, but to bottom line it for you, when you're trying to put your energy into 6 different projects (one-to-one coaching, a course, affiliate programs, getting on all the podcasts, digital products.... etc.), you can't really get the traction you're looking for with any of them.

AND.... this equates to financial self sabotage at its finest.

What are you focusing on in your business? What's the MOST exciting project you've got on your plate?

Recognize your resistance if you're feeling it. Acknowledge it, tap through, "Even though there's all this resistance to focusing on just one thing..." and move forward on just ONE thing.

If you haven't picked up this book, it's a gamechanger.

Now go out there and make some big bucks!