What I tell myself when I don't feel like working...

Don't feel like working.png

Do you LOVE working in your business all the time?

I sure don't.

I mean, don't get me wrong -- I LOVE what I do.

Aaaaand, there are days when I am just frustrated or annoyed or whatever.

Now, sometimes, this is because there's a task I have to do that I just don't enjoy. (Like doing my taxes. Meh.) And that's ok. Totally part of the process.

Those things are like jumping into a cold swimming pool. I just close my eyes, hold my nose and jump. I don't love it, but I always feel good when I'm getting out of the pool and it's over!

Then there are other times when I feel a bit wonky in my biz.

Usually, this also includes a side-order of negative thinking and me not showering.

Now, this is the kind of "I don't want to work on my business" where I know there's something else going on.

It's always one of 2 things.

1. I'm working too much. (Too much work, not enough play.)

2. I've hit an upper limit.

Let's start with #1.

Did I mention I love what I do?

That makes it really hard for me to put down sometimes. (Plus, hi, Capricorn Moon)

Working too much is actually going to get you negative results.

That's because your self care falls off the map, your brain is preoccupied with work, and you exhaust yourself to the point of hating your business, and you burn out and set yourself up for thinking you're not cut out to do what you thought you were destined to do.

Whenever I find myself feeling any of the above -- I tell myself to stop, drop and PLAY.

Literally do anything that's not work.

I tell myself, "The more fun I have, the more successful I am."

So I pick up my latest O magazine. I play on Pinterest. I play with Banjo (@banjo.in.weho on IG if you like following cute dogs). I dance. I go to the movies.

Anything. Except. Work.

And THEN, when I return to work, I feel refreshed, alive and ready to go.

Let's talk about #2. Hitting an Upper Limit.

An Upper Limit is when you have gone far enough out of your comfort zone that you feel so uncomfortable, you find a way to bring yourself/ your life/ your business, back to where it was before you ventured outside of it.

For me, when I start to feel like not working -- oftentimes, I'll realize that I've expanded quite a bit and I feel really uncomfortable.

So, what do I do? -- Tap, tap, tap on this.

I make it SUPER SIMPLE and easy.

"Even though I'm hitting an Upper Limit..."
"Even though there's this uncomfortable feeling..."
"Even though there's all this fear..."

Then one or 2 rounds on the body while venting and 1 or 2 rounds of "It's safe to let this go", "It's safe to expand", "I acknowledge what I'm feeling and I choose to let it go" --- etc.

(There's a PDF of the Tapping Points in the FILES section of the FB group if you don't know where they are)

Simply acknowledging what's going on and how you feel can do wonders for your productivity and motivation!


So to recap... when you don't feel like working, check in and ask yourself:

1. Do I need a break? How long have I been working? (if it's longer than two hours -- BREAK TIME!!)

2. Am I getting uncomfortable? Am I doing something I've never done before? Expanding or being visible in a way that is outside my comfort zone? (Tap, tap, tap!)