This question keeps you stuck - Here's how to be free [+ tapping script]

Do you know the difference between Good Quality Questions and Poor Quality Questions?


Poor quality questions keep you stuck in the past.

Good quality questions help you take action and propel you forward.


Here are a couple examples of POOR Quality Questions:

    ~Why is this happening to me?

    ~Why do I keep repeating this stupid pattern?

    ~How come I can't get this right?

    ~Why do I feel so behind?

    ~Why can't I stop this compare and despair?

Notice how all of those questions are "WHY" questions.

WHY questions will always have you looking in the rear-view mirror dissecting every thought, every action, every perceived mistake. So guess where WHY questions keep you?

That's right. In the past.

If you want to stay motivated and on track, it's important to ask yourself Good Quality Questions (aka: Powerful Questions).

Here are some example of POWERFUL Questions:

~What can I learn from this?

~If I could break this pattern, what would that look like?

~What does "right" mean?

~What would it look and feel like if there was no such thing as "behind"? How would my life be different? How would I feel in my body?

~What are 3 things I can acknowledge myself for today? What's the upside to staying in my own lane?


Do you notice a difference in how you feel?

If you want a POWERFUL life and business, you've GOT to ask yourself POWERFUL questions.

The more we ruminate about the past and ask why why why, the less progress we make and the worse we tend to feel about ourselves.

Asking yourself poor quality questions is like trying to drive your car with the emergency break on. {tweet}

Now, this practice isn't always easy peasy -- and it takes effort and practice. Especially if you've gotten yourself into the habit of asking WHY.

The truth is, there are some really tough situations and events that happen in our lives that we may never understand why. And that sucks. And it's ok to let it suck.

But we have to cultivate a warrior mindset that lets us forgive what happened (without knowing why -- at least for now) and having the courage to move forward powerfully anyway.


You can waste your whole life in the WHY.

And it's a dangerous place to go.

The HOW and the WHAT questions will put you back in CHOICE. It will give you back the power that is currently leaking into your past.


This was a real challenge for me after being hit by the car. There was so much residual mess and so many deep life-altering why questions I felt compelled to ask.

But I got sick of that story. I got sick of those questions.

And I wanted to be free of the past more than I wanted to understand it.

That's why I started asking myself better questions to loosen my grip on the past.

From that place, I was able to move across the country and start my own business.

What might be possible for you if you let go of the WHY questions? (see what I did there? ;)

Leave a comment below and let me know! I love hearing from you!