Tapping through your "financial fails" and tapping into freedom

financial fails.png

If we want to create wealth, why would we want to stop and look at the times when things got a little (or maybe a lot) messy?

Because what happens when we have a "financial fail" is the same thing that happens when we go through any kind of challenging/ triggering/ or painful event. We pick up BELIEFS and STORIES around what is possible (or not possible) for us.

I've talked about the time I lost 7k to a famous coach.

Well, that was a HUGE financial fail (in my perspective) and I had to do a LOT of tapping on that.

Because the stories and LBs I picked up were pretty bad...

They sounded like this:

I'm broken.

Life coaches are sheisty.

I'll never figure it out.

I made a really bad decision that will take forever to turn around.

I'm not worthy of what I really want.

No matter how hard I try, things just don't work out for me.

The world is not on my side.

If I hadn't tapped... and continued to walk around in the world with the belief that I'm broken... do you think I could have started a business?

If I hadn't worked on the belief that "life coaches are sheisty" -- I never would have let myself become one.

If I hadn't tapped through, "I'm not worthy of what I really want," I'd probably still be back in Jersey working some crappy job trying to make ends meet.

If I still believed that "the world is not on my side," I wouldn't have been able to launch a 6 week online beta course, charge money for it and get 20 sign ups.


Your beliefs are the foundation upon which your life is built.

And you create things in your life BASED on what you think is possible.