{script} Getting rid of distractions and fluff with tapping

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It's really easy to get distracted when you're building your business.

You've got website stuff to do, copy to re-write, pictures to edit, clients to follow up with, laundry, grocery shopping, kids, workouts, webinars, Instagram pics to create, outreach calls and emails to write, political action steps to take, and let's not forget This Is Us to watch and bubble baths to take!


Overwhelm is a real thing, people.

But you know what?

So is getting rid of shit.

It's not possible to do your best work (or sometimes, ANY work!) when you have too many things on your to-do list.

So what's a gal to do??

First things first -- get rid of the fluff.

Fluff is defined as "anything that eats away at your time but causes no increase in productivity or happiness (and often makes you feel like crap)."

(That's my self-created very scientific definition.)

The following things qualify as "Fluff":

~Checking social media every 5 minutes.

~Cleaning, then checking email, then picking out an outfit and then reading a news story

~Watching 10 minutes of a show while texting

~Spending hours (or days! or weeks!...) on thinking about your branding or your pictures (that's a lot of mental energy-fluff!)

~Watching yet another webinar that you don't actually get value from

~Having 17 tabs open at once


None of the above things add any value to your life or your business.

They don't make you a more effective business owner.

They don't make you feel more sane or capable.

And they certainly don't bring you much, if any joy, happiness or abundance.

In fact, they do the opposite...


So, how do you get rid of the fluff?  

I'm so glad you didn't ask.

The first thing you need to do is make a commitment to reducing and/or eliminating these things from your life.

The second thing you can do is tap!

When you tap through your resistance to letting these behaviors go, you can start to tap in a sense of safety around trusting yourself to do more of what matters (and only what matters!). This will help you  keep your priorities in order and your energy more focused and less scattered. (Scattered mind = Scattered business!)


Here's a tapping script to use for helping you get rid of the fluff:

(If you don't know where the tapping points are, you can find a diagram in the FILES section of the FB group.)


KC: (3x) Even though there's all this fluff and all these distractions keeping me from doing what I really want to do and keeping me from being laser focused, and there's this part of me that doesn't want to let it go... Maybe because it just feels too hard and I'm not sure I can do it ... And I love and honor all of my parts, especially the ones that feel like it's too hard to cut out the fluff. 

EB: All this fluff

OE: It's eating away at my life

UE: I can't figure out what's important and what's not

UN/Chin: All this wasted time

CB: I feel so guilty

UA: I'm never going to figure it out

Liver: I can't do it

Wrist: It's all too much

TH: All of these distractions

EB: I really want to let them go

OE: And focus on what's really important

UE: I want to get more done

UN/Chin: But there's all this scattered energy

CB: I'm ready to let this fluff go

UA: And put my energy where it belongs

Liver: On what I want to create

Wrist: And the difference I'm here to make

TH: I'm ready to let go of the fluff and the distractions

EB: And take control back over my life and my time

OE: I have the power

UE: I choose to focus on what's important

UN/Chin: And release everything else that's not serving me

CB: I'm committed to moving forward powerfully

UA: I release all the fluff

Liver: I commit to laser focusing on the task-at-hand

Wrist: And dropping the rest

TH: I have the power. In every cell of my body. Right now.


I hope this is helpful! COMMENT BELOW and let me know one "fluffy" thing you're going to eliminate from your life or biz. I love hearing from you!