One stealthy question to see if you're really in alignment with your goals

Alignment with Goals.png

Resistance can be a tricky thing --

Oftentimes we convince ourselves we don't have any or worse, we tell ourselves to ignore the feeling altogether. (That only makes it stronger. Doesn't make it go away!)

I want to share one question that can help you find out if you've got resistance around what you say you want.

First, you have to name your goal or belief and speak it out loud.

For example, maybe your goal is to make 100k in your business this year.

Say out loud: "I believe I can make 100k this year in my business."

Notice any little uncomfortable feelings that arise. Oftentimes they feel like a "Um... I'm not so sure" -- It can be very subtle, so trust yourself and your body. And be honest.

Now ask yourself how true does my statement feel on the zero to 10 scale -- zero being "It's total bullshit" and ten being "I believe it so deeply I can feel it happening in my bones."

Let's say you came up with a 6.

That means there's still 40% of you not on board with your goal.

So write down what the 40% is about for you. That's your resistance and that becomes your tapping target. You'll want to tap through the negative until you can get yourself into the feeling state of it genuinely feeling possible. 


If you're resistance is super high, you may have chosen a goal that's too big.

All you need to do is "chunk it down". For example, if your brain is having trouble wrapping itself around 100k, maybe you want to "chunk it" so that you're excited about creating an action plan to get to 50k first. 

This process should be fun! Goal setting shouldn't feel like tooth pulling. Allow yourself to chunk, to enjoy the smaller wins along the way and eventually, that 100k (or whatever goal) will all feel possible for you.