How happy are you allowed to be?

How Happy.png

I've got a question for you...

How happy are you "allowed" to be?

I ask because whether you know it or not, you have a "happiness thermostat."

A whaaat??

Yep. A happiness thermostat.

It's the amount of happiness you feel comfortable having. The amount that is "acceptable." The amount you think is OK.

If you think about an actual thermostat, your level of comfort might be 71 degrees.

It's where you feel most comfortable.

Well, your happiness thermostat sets your happiness temperature.

It's where you feel the most comfortable level of happiness, but no more.

So however happy you find yourself most of the time in your current life -- that's where your HT is set. That's the level of happiness at which you feel most comfortable.

You might be thinking.... YIKES! I'm not sure I like the sound of that...

It's ok!

Your happiness thermostat can be adjusted.

But first you have to know who told you it was only OK to live at a certain level of happiness. 


~Where did you learn you had to be just a little bit miserable all the time?

~Who taught you that if you were too happy, you might not be liked.... or someone else may feel bad?

~Who taught you that if you have more happiness, there's less left over for other people? 


Similar to money beliefs, it's not uncommon to pick up some really janky beliefs around happiness --- and how much of it you're allowed to or supposed to have. 


~What if there were no limit on how happy you could feel? Would that make you uncomfortable?

~What if you were happy most of the time without apology? Anyone in your life who might not like it?

~What are you afraid might happen if you're "too happy"? (Maybe something bad will happen so you're living at a low level of misery to protect against being disappointed at some point in the future?) Just a thought! 


The truth is, there really is no limit to how happy you can be in life or in business. It's up to you.

But if you feel like there IS a limit -- if you feel like "it's not safe to be too happy," you're going to find a way to throw a monkey wrench into your own happiness (i.e. You'll self sabotage...) any time you go above and beyond where your Happiness Thermostat is set.

You might want to set aside some time to journal around the questions in this email. It's going to give you some clues as to where you may need to do some tapping around this!


"Even though there's this belief that I need to stay at a low level of misery..."

"Even though it doesn't feel safe to be happy..."

"Even though there's this happiness limit I picked up at some point..." 



Keep tapping!

As always, if you need support, c'mon over to the FB group and ask away!

I led a powerful tapping sesh on letting go of old family energy this week (something that can severly limit the amount of happiness we're willing to receive!) and tapped into "It's safe to have my own experience of life...and be happy."

Have a happy (and LUCKY!) week!