Are you making things harder than they need to be?

Harder than they need to be.png

I've been having a lot of conversations around limiting beliefs lately.

One of the things that's been coming up is around things being easy versus making them hard.

One of the biggest limiting beliefs (that I have had to work on with the most consistency) is that I have to work REALLY hard to get things to work. I can't tell you how many times things were going great in an area of my life and then BOOM -- I throw in a freekin' monkey wrench to make things more difficult for myself.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating --




It used to make TOTAL SENSE to me that you should have to work hard in life to get what you want because...


That's how I was raised.

That's what my parents did.

That's how everyone in my family before them did it.

And that's what I was taught in school.

That's how everyone does it.


I used to have a TON of evidence around why pretty much everything should be hard.

(If you haven't guessed, that's part of what drew me to this work and to a more spiritual path. I was SUPER TIRED of working so hard!)


And because I had so much evidence around why these things were true (and my brain was trained to think they’re facts! Gah!), I would literally make things harder for myself any time life got too good or easy.


Because our brains need congruency between its belief system and its external reality. If there's inconsistency (i.e.: if life all of a sudden feels too easy) you're going to do something -- anything -- to make it harder so it matches your programming.


When the beliefs are left unchecked, you may find yourself working 12 hour days, not taking breaks and constantly being on the verge of burnout.


So you can tap on:


~It’s safe to let go of this old pattern.

~It’s safe to let go of this old way of thinking

~I don’t have to work hard for the money

~Working harder and longer isn’t the path of true success.

~The more I let go and allow, the more naturally my path unfolds

~Any old family pattern keeping these beliefs in place

~I let them go now

~Any old belief system I took on that says I can’t take a break and let things be easy

~I let that go now

~The more fun I have

~And the more I let myself play and get outside

~The more successful I become

~And the more money I make

~And the more I open  myself up to divine opportunities I couldn’t have imagined

~I like the sound of that!

~Letting go of any resistance to letting this old pattern go

~I choose to open up the channel for ease

~And let it all flow through me

What I've found is that the more I've tapped on this issue, the easier it’s become to let my life and my business follow it's natural rhythm -- to go with the proverbial flow.

And when I do that, when I can just allow ease and trust that everything’s happening exactly how and when it should, opportunities open themselves up.

In the past few months alone...

  1. 19 amazing women (and 1 incredible dude!) signed up for my beta course

  2. I've spoken at 4 different entrepreneurial private membership communities (one of whom is a 7-figure biz owner!)

  3. I got interviewed for a podcast that's going out to the entire Portland Metro area and will be aired on TV and social...

  4. I was asked to speak at a private women's group in Southern California... I was asked to partner with 2 other entrepreneurs for a series of group classes, and to teach on a retreat for creative writers

  5. I'll be speaking later this year at an event with a prominent leader in my field.


I'm not telling you this to brag (though, I'm all for tooting your own horn and being super proud of your accomplishments!!); I'm telling you this because these things all happened as a result of me shifting my energy and changing my beliefs.

I didn't go out looking for any of these things; They all came to me.

Tapping helps your brain feel safe to release the old patterns of overworking and making things harder. And the more you tap on releasing the old beliefs, the more you'll be able to shift into a new (fun, exciting, EASY) paradigm in your life and biz.

It's pretty wild, Karen.

And it's really fun, exciting, flowy and easy.

Do you have limiting beliefs running your life that say you have to work hard in order to succeed? Have you ever thrown in a monkey wrench to make things even more hard??

Tell me which belief you've worked the hardest to overcome in the comments below!