You're allowed to disappoint your family

A lot of stuff around family coming up this week with my Mindset Blast Off™ students.


The bottom line for everyone, it seems, is “Is it safe to live outside my family’s expectation of who they think I can be?




How do I do that when they are telling me they don’t think my business will work?


How do I do that when the memory of my family haunts my day-to-day life making me feel like I need to honor their memory by holding on to their pain?


How do I do that when I am aiming to do/ be/ have something no one in my family has ever done/ been/ had before? Who am I to do this??

It can feel overwhelming, aggravating, frustrating, annoying, sad, disappointing… and so many other things.


Family patterns, family expectations and the desire to keep our mom/ dad/ sister/ brother happy can hold you back from really kicking ass in business and keep you living a dimmed down life just so you can take care of other people’s feelings.


It takes SO MUCH COURAGE to live outside of the framework your family has set for you.


AND… It’s totally possible.


Ask yourself:

  • What does my mom (dad/ sister/ brother/ etc.) think is possible for me in my life?

  • Have they placed any limits on who I can be or what I can accomplish in the world? If so, what are they? (Maybe they don’t think you’re smart enough to be successful as a business-owner. Maybe they don’t think you can make money doing something outside of the traditional 9-5. Maybe they don’t think you have what it takes for whatever reason…)

  • What are the feelings that come up when I think about these limits? (Maybe you feel angry or upset or sad)


Once you identify the limits and the feelings that come up when you think about those limits, you can start to tap through whatever is coming up for you.

It can feel really tough to let go of these family ties. It’s easy to feel like by living your own life (the way YOU REALLY WANT TO) that you’re somehow betraying your family. Or you’re disappointing your mom or dad.

The desire to be part of the tribe is super strong.


One of my MBO students said it really eloquently on our Q&A call this week:

“If there’s a struggle between membership and uniqueness, membership wins.”

This is why it’s super important to bring awareness to the funky limiting beliefs we’ve picked up inside of our family units. And why it’s super important to tap that shit away so we can put ourselves in a much more empowered state to move forward without effing it up!


You have the power to create ANY STORY you want. You are not bound by the stories your family created for you. You are not bound by any beliefs except your own.


Make sure you’re creating a damn good story this week.


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