Visibility is vulnerability

I know you're getting ready to do big things out in the world. You're ready to put yourself and your work "out there" and make the big difference you're here to make! 


But are you really ready? 


I mean -- like REALLY FREEKIN' READY. ?? 

Are you pressing "Send", shouting your awesomeness from the rooftops, and promoting your services like you freekin' mean it? Like you KNOW in your bones how valuable your offer is? Like you KNOW how much of a difference you can make in someone else's life?? 


If you are, ROCK ON, LIGHTWORKER! Continue your badassery. You do not need the rest of this blog! Go out there and keep kicking ass!












I want you to know one thing!..... IT'S OK! 


I know -- you're like -- Whaaa??!! It's SO NOT OK!! I'm totes procrastinating!!! I need to get my work out there and my face seems to be stuck facing my tv or in my refrigerator and I have totally lost control!!!!! Helllllllp!!


Here's the thing -- there's a good reason you're procrastinating, my love. 


Because it's scary out there. 


It's scary to put your work out into the world. 


It's scary to ditch perfectionism for "good enough" and "I just hope it all works" and "I think I got all the spelling errors, but I'm not really sure." 


It's scary to put yourself in front of an audience who's looking to learn something from you that will change their lives. 


It's scary to think you might mess up or say the wrong thing or not know the answer. 


It's scary to think no one will buy it or everyone will buy it!


And it's scary to know that it's scary and to show up anyway. 


It's a truly brave and vulnerable act to show up and be seen. 


Whether you're putting out your first course or hitting publish on a blog or doing your first IG video -- whatever it is, you're putting your courage and your vulnerability at the forefront for everyone else to see (and possibly criticize, judge, ignore, or laugh at). 


Who wouldn't be scared?! 


In tapping, the first thing we do is acknowledge all of this fear. We don't try to make it go away -- we simply acknowledge and accept it. 


Fear is part of the process. It doesn't go away (even after tapping! Surprise!) But what tapping does is help us to bring awareness to the thoughts and beliefs that once held us back -- that stopped us from taking action at all -- and to bring compassion to the part of ourselves that thought it was safer to play small. 


When we have all of these things out in the open, we can simply put one hesitant foot in front of the other and keep on keepin' on.


Tapping will help quiet the negative voices and soften the fear. It helps relax our minds and take forward moving action from a place of confidence -- even when we're scared. 


That's worth repeating. 


Tapping helps relax our minds and take forward moving action from a place of confidence -- even when we're scared. 


Remember, anyone who judges you for putting something (anything!) out into the world is just projecting their own fears on you.


You're a badass for even thinking about playing bigger, trying to change the world (or just one other person!), sharing your knowledge and experience and having the balls to think you can make a living doing it. Yaaaaaassssss. You. Are.  

Keep throwing your light out into the world, no matter what. 


People will judge you whether you play big or whether you play small -- so just fucking go for it, darlin'.


I'm behind you every scary step of the way. 


Tap, tap, tap....