How comfortable are you talking about money?

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Isn't it funny how money is more of a taboo topic than sex? Or your latest wax job? Or .... just about anything else? 


Growing up, if you're anything like me, you got a lot of mixed messages about money. 


But today, I just want to ask you one question --


How comfortable are you talking about money? 


In order to get more comfortable with having more of it, it's really important to loosen the grip of blame/ shame/ and discomfort. 


Can you imagine having a relationship with money that felt good? Where you talked about it openly and honestly without feeling guilty or shameful (2 of the most common feelings that come up when the subject is brought up). 


If you're having trouble talking about money, it's one sign that you might have an unhealthy relationship with it. 


It's a sign that you're giving money too much power over you and your life. 


What would it be like if you could talk about money like you talk about where you're going to eat lunch? 


Money is always going to bring up some stuff and that's ok -- but that's why we need to be vigilant over our thoughts and feeling and old beliefs that surface around this topic. 


So, just for today -- check in with how comfortable you are with having honest convos about money.


Do you avoid it altogether? Check out of the conversation? Change the subject? Lie about where you are financially? 


In order to move ahead in your biz, it's imperative to create a healthy relationship with money. 


Start this week by having one conversation about money that you'd normally avoid. 


And as always, this is a GREAT topic to tap on. 


"Even though there's this resistance to talking about money..." 

"Even though there's this 'I don't know enought about money to talk about it thing' going on..." 

"Even though the thought of talking about money makes me want to barf.... " 


Just start there this week. 


Tapping through some of that resistance will start to loosen the grip that money has over you and help you take your power back.


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