"Life is Hard" ...This is for you if you agree


How hard are you making your business?

Do you feel like you’re working 24/7 and never get a break?


There’s a really common LB (Limiting Belief) that pops up for my clients (and myself, let’s be real.)  that says, “Life is hard.


If you are running around in your life and biz with this belief  that “Life is hard,” then guess what? Things are gonna be h.a.r.d.

Now, I can give you a whole bunch of reasons why you might have this belief, but they don’t matter right now.

What matters is that you’re aware of the belief.

The first step to dissolving a LB is to notice it.

Notice when…

~You’re in bed with your computer, it’s midnight and you’re trying to figure out Facebook ads while your honey fell asleep hours ago …without you.

~You’ve been at your computer for – well, you forget how many hours and you have to pee for …. you can’t remember how long.

~You’re checking IG on your phone, putting away groceries and listening to a podcast in the background while working out your entire to-do list in your head.

~You think about your next vacation – and you laugh! Because HA! Who has time for vacations! ….You’re “all about the hustle.”



I’m tired just writing that.

But notice –

Did any of those things resonate with you? Did they bring up any other scenario or situation or thought process that just feels dogged and hard to you?

That’s how the “Life is hard” belief can manifest.

It’s tricky – like all LBs – trying to make you think that “Girl, you’re hustling! That’s what badass entrepreneurs do!” While meanwhile, you barely have time to shower, can’t sleep, and you can’t figure out why nothing seems to be getting done even though you’re working all the time.

This has been one belief that has ruled me for far too long.

I prided myself on how hard I worked.

I felt accomplished if I was working all day and not taking breaks or vacations or seeing my friends. (Well, sort of. …I didn’t always love ditching my friends, but there was always an undercurrent of “You’re doing what needs to be done, girl. Hustle and ye shall be rewarded.” …. even if I did add a side of Universal resentment.)

I decided, (fairly recently actually), that I didn’t want to live with this belief anymore. (I honestly didn’t know how insidious it was and how deeply it was affecting my life!)

So I started to notice when I was at my computer for too long.

I stopped trying to write in the evenings and get other tasks done that needed my brain to have a full tank of awareness. (I am most alert and productive in the mornings, so trying to do any tasks that require concentration or critical thinking are really bad for me to try and do in the evenings.)

I have a regular tapping practice on this belief – “It’s safe for work to be easy and fun.” “Ideas flow to me easily and effortlessly” “I attract people and opportunities that serve my vision easily.” “I remain in the creative flow” “I don’t need to overwork to be productive.” “The more fun I have, the more productive I am.” "I release any resistance to believing these things..." etc.

And since I’ve been tapping, I’m able to disengage from the unhealthy behaviors that were actually zapping my energy (rather than making me more productive, which is what I originally thought!)


So your Lucky mission this week, if you choose to accept it:

1. Start noticing where you feel overworked and overtired &/or resentful – Write those things down on a notepad or in your Evernote or Notes on your phone and include what you’ve been doing that day that made you feel like that.

2. Start making small turtle-sized adjustments. Normally work on your computer until you’re “done”? Give yourself a structured hour or 90 minutes to work and then commit to a 15-20 minute break.

3. Struggling with a particular task in your biz? See if there’s a way you can hire it out or just give it to someone else to do. (Fiverr.com is a great resource or maybe you can snag an unpaid “intern” from your local college to do graphic design for you.)

4. Suck at household tasks? Make TaskRabbit.com your new bff. (I can’t tell you how much happier I am since I started using TaskRabbit!!!!! Seriously. My IKEA couch cover never would have made it onto the couch without it. $15 and a HUGE boatload of relief and (wait for it….) EASE!


Tap through any resistance to letting things be just a little bit easier. You don’t have to give up all your habits at once. Just choose one thing that’s causing you frustration and ask yourself, "Is there any way to tweak this so that it might feel just a little easier?"


OVER TO YOU! I would LOVE to hear from you on this! Where are you making your life or biz hard for youself? What are you going to tweak?

Let me know in the COMMENTS box below!

I love hearing from you.

Tap, tap, tap… :)