This is going to get uncomfortable...

When you're expanding out of your comfort zone, things are going to get uncomfortable.


As soon as you take an action that's unfamiliar like….


            ~Reaching out to ask for a testimonial

            ~Emailing someone you admire to start building a relationship

            ~Launching a new version of your website

            ~Getting new (WOW, Seriously ah-mazing) pics for your website

            ~Raising your rates


You're probably going to want to do one or more of the following --


            ~Throw up




            ~Beat yourself up


This is normal. (sort of*)


Especially when the action you’re taking has a potentially high consequence –


Like, if you’re banking on the fact that your new website is going to bring in more clients and make you look like more of a badass –


Your initial reaction will most likely match your expectation.


So if your expectation is that you’re going to be immediately booked out and waitlisted after you launch your new site – your reaction might be hyperventilating and crying because somewhere in the back of your mind (without your awareness), you’re scared that might not actually happen.


And then, you’re brain will start to wonder – Why did I do that anyway? What was the point? Why do I even bother? – Which will lead to self sabotaging behaviors and more negative thinking.


So there’s 2 things that are super important to realize –


  1. Having a fear-based feeling or reaction is normal. Even after you tap, you will most likely still feel afraid of taking action. But you’ll take the action anyway bc you know the fear is just a normal part of the process. (as opposed to when you don’t tap and then don’t take action!)
  2. There may be potentially negative consequences that result from taking this action – i.e.: you might not get the clients or you might spiral into self doubt and fear (because that’s one of your conditioned, go-to responses)

If you have these things in your awareness before you take your scary/ uncomfortable action, taking your scary/ uncomfortable action actually starts to feel less scary and uncomfortable… and more, dare I say, thrilling and exhilerating. …At which point there still may be fear (and very deep breathing) involved with your action, but you’ll like it because…..


You’ll be focused more on the potentially positive side effects from taking this action – like, “Holy shit! I could have a fucking waitlist?!?!” or “OMG—I’m going to feel so badass that I’ll finally pen that article for _____________[big fancy publication] because I feel ready. YAAAASSSSSS.” 


There’s always going to be fear. Don’t waste your time trying to get rid of it. Just make sure you’ve got the awareness you need to move forward powerfully. Know what might go wrong and focus on all of the things that could go right. Don’t get caught in beating yourself up.


Be the kind scientist of your experience. Not the judgmental dictator. Non-judgment, my friend, is where it’s at. Take it all in as information. Feel the feelings and kick ass.


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High five,


*Feeling healthy fear is normal, even if uncomfortable. If you're feeling so much fear, you're not taking action, feel paralyzed, or are stuck in overly beating yourself up mode, that means there's a deeper issue going on. If you'd like some support in dissolving these behaviors and patterns for good click here.