Training your mind to think what you want

Hey gorgeous,


What thoughts are running on repeat in your mind? Are they thoughts you want to be thinking? Or do they feel like they're just a running tape you listen to and obey? A stream of unconsciousness that you wish you could just turn off?


For a big part of my life, I’ve felt like the victim to my thoughts. I felt like I didn’t have a choice of what to think and that there was something actually wrong with me because I couldn’t stop thinking negatively.


What I’ve realized over the course of many years is that although I don’t have control over a lot of my thoughts, I do have the ability to train my mind to move in a more positive and peaceful direction most of the time.


It’s been life changing.


And this change has been the result of unlearning a lot of the crap beliefs and stories I thought were actually true about myself and the world (thank you tapping) and re-programming my brain to remember my God-given magnificence most of the time. (thank you tapping, meditation and A Course in Miracles).


I want to share one simple exercise you can use to start re-training your mind to think positively.


First, bring awareness to the negative thoughts – What are they?


Maybe they sound like this:


I’ll never be that good.

No one will care what I have to say.

They’re going to judge me.

I’ll look like an idiot.

I’m so behind.

I’m just not techy.


The second step is to write down the opposite of the negative statement or what you’d like to think instead.


That might sound like this:


I’m exactly where I need to be. Every day I’m getting better and better at what I do. Everyone started somewhere.


There’s someone out there who will only here the message I have to share in the way I have to share it. She may have heard it a hundred times from other people, but she won’t truly “get it” until she hears it from me.


I’m going to be judged whether I put myself out in the world or whether I don’t. The reason I’m doing this is more important to me than whether or not someone judges me for it.


Everyone who attempts anything falls and fails at some point. So what if I look like an idiot? I give myself permission to stumble and experiment and be human along the way. It’s actually what people resonate with the most.


Behind who? I’m going at my own speed. I’m not in a race and when I slow down and work at a pace that feels good to me, I naturally get more done and gain momentum because my energy is focused in one place only – my own lane.


I am smart enough to learn anything. Yes, anything. And what will take me too long to learn or that which will hurt my head to learn, I am capable of hiring out or bartering out. I am infinitely creative and resourceful and there’s always a way to meet any of my needs. Even my tech needs.


This second group of thoughts become your mantras. Read them every day. Post them on your wall. You don’t even need to believe them. Leave them by your bedside and glance at them every night before you shut your eyes and each morning before you rise.


This is how we gently train our brains and our subconscious mind. It’s a gentle consistent nudging. Gentle consistent reminders of our own innate awesomeness and capability.


You can use these thoughts I shared as tapping scripts as well. Tap through the points first with the negative thoughts (and any others that pop up) and then do a positive round. 2 rounds does wonders. A little bit of tapping goes a long way.

Remember, your brain needs gentle consistent reminders to stay on track.

Otherwise it defaults into the negative. Give it something positive to focus on and find ways of incorporating those “focus points” throughout your day. The more you remind yourself, the more your brain will get the message.


Over to you: What are 1 or 2 positive mantras you're going to practice this week? Let me know in the comments box below!