You own the light

I've been thinking a lot about shining and going bigger this week and wrote a short riff about it below. You'll just never get around people not liking what you do or how you show up. No matter how hard you try to please one person, there's someone else who will stop being pleased. If the only thing any of us learns in this lifetime is how to stay true to ourselves, that would be enough.

People are going to judge you whether you play big or whether you play small. 

They're going to talk behind your back, make up stories that aren't true and try to make themselves feel better by finding fault in what you do and how you do it. 

It is not your job to make anyone like you or to go out and get anyone's approval. 

Your job is to be YOU. 

Fully self expressed YOU. 

Brimming with light YOU. 

Blasting to the edges of the universe YOU. 

Your light shines brighter, deeper and wider than anyone else's doubt, judgment or fear and the brighter you shine, the more that doubt, judgment and fear gets cast out. 

Your job is to show up and own YOU. 

Own what you do. 

Own who you are. 

Own how beautiful you are. 

Own how magnificent you are. 


Own what you know and what you've experienced. 

Own the light.


Your only job is to shine. 

Your job is to own the light.

Because that's what lightworkers do. 

Shine on. 

Leave a comment below and let me know one thing you'll do today to own your light. xo