Are you holding on too tightly to the past?

A great big tree needs to be trimmed and pruned in order to grow into its fullest potential.

Old branches need to be chopped off. Old leaves fall to the ground. If the tree held on to its branches and leaves, those old leaves and branches would literally start weighing the tree down – making it tremendously difficult, if not impossible, to reach its fullest expression. The growth of the tree would be stifled.

It’s the same thing with our emotions and past experiences. Those past emotions and experiences (sometimes literally) weigh us down.

They are like our old branches. They keep us tied to the past. They make us feel heavy, stuck, sad, and lethargic. 

Most of us think we can grow into our most fully expressed selves by holding on REALLY TIGHTLY to our branches and leaves. We are resistant to let go of old stories, old belief systems, old relationships, old jobs, old boyfriends, etc… And, in part, that’s because those old stories and belief systems and relationships and jobs and boyfriends are familiar

They are what we know.

But those are the very things we need to release in order to keep moving forward in our lives, to keep growing and evolving and changing.

Those old branches become heavy and crooked and they start to look funny on the tree. When we hold on to the past, it becomes heavy and crooked and starts to look and feel funny on us. We’re not built to hold on to the past. We’re built to shed our branches, to let go and grow.

But we can’t grow up until we put the old branches down.

We can’t have what we want until we let go of what we no longer need.

Every time we shed a branch, we become lighter, more expansive, more creative, and happier.

This is why, when we first tap, it can seem really heavy. We’re shedding the old stuff that we’ve held onto for so long. But after a while, it becomes a practice. Tapping becomes like trimming the branches. When we start to do it consistently and it doesn’t feel as heavy. It just becomes like maintenance. Shedding the old, welcoming the new. Ebb and flow. Ebb and flow.

Over to you: What old story, old belief, or old relationship are you holding onto that’s weighing you down? Are you willing to let it go? Let me know in the comments below. :)