Tapping through your tech headache

I’ve been working on a new project that’s pretty much complete – but I can’t show it to you yet because, well, …technology!

(spoiler alert: it's the website you are on right. now. !)

LOL. (and arrrrrrrghhhh....)


Have you ever had this problem? (Not turning into Captain Jack Sparrow.... though, interesting problem to have...  I'm talking about tech problems.)


For me, it can be one of the most massively frustrating parts of being an entrepreneur and it’s certainly not in my zone of genius.


And I can stomp my feet and raise my fists and scream to the heavens – and for some strange reason, the technology goddesses don’t seem to respond with a wave of their magic wands. (wtf!)


When things don’t go my way, it’s always a reminder to me to be with my emotions as they come up.







On the spiritual path of entrepreneurship (and life), I’ve learned to lean into my experience rather pushing it away or trying really hard to affirm myself out of it. (I spent a large part of my 20s doing that and making myself even more miserable!)


So I acknowledge what I’m feeling.


I literally breathe into whatever comes up (and I leave the judgment on the side like mashed potatoes).


Then I tap through the points as I dialogue with myself:


Ok, Karen, what’s coming up?


“I’m pissed. I want to get this thing out in the world and this one last piece is frustrating the shit out of me.”


Yeah, it’s frustrating. Technology can really suck sometimes. What are you really afraid of? What’s the benefit of holding onto all of this negative emotion?


“Well, I dunno. I guess … I feel like if I get angry at it, I’ll work harder or faster or something – Or I’ll tell the Universe that this isn’t fair (!!) and it will self correct and magically make things easier for me/ solve my problem.”


Wow, ok. That’s interesting. Has being angry ever brought you to a solution faster in the past


“Uh… no. I guess not.”


Do you think there’s another state that might be more helpful for you to be in in order to find a solution to this issue?


“A peaceful state, I suppose.”

Ah, peaceful. That sounds nice. What would that feel like in your body?


“Well, I’d feel more grounded. More connected. I wouldn’t be worrying so much and I’d probably breathe deeper. I’d also feel more open. Maybe even excited.”


And do you think that feeling more open and grounded and excited would help you in this tech situation you’ve got going on?


“Yes, definitely.”


“Ok, ok, inner voice. I get it. I release this resistance to letting this go. I remember to breathe. I choose to release this negative emotion. I choose to focus on the excitement about getting this out into the world. I have fun with the process (and when it’s not fun, I just breathe…). I lean into the perfect imperfection of this process. I let go of control and I move forward little step by little step. I trust in divine timing.”


Dialoguing in this way really helps me see how my subconscious mind is keeping me stuck. It helps me see the faulty and illogical connections it’s making to try and help me succeed. (ie: anger leads to a faster result!). And then once I have that awareness, I get to make a new choice. (ie: chill out and have fun and trust.)


What’s the voice inside your head telling you today? Grab a notebook and start a dialogue with this voice just like I did above. Then speak that dialogue out loud while you tap through the points.


(You can find a diagram of the tapping points in the FILES section of the Facebook group. There's also a video I posted showing you the points that you can watch by searching #TappingTip in the search box.)


Are there any faulty or illogical connections happening?


Post in the comments below and let me know. I love hearing from you.


As always, come on over to the group if you could use some support!