The Manifesto of Easing Up On Yourself

You are allowed to make money teaching someone something that you yourself are in the process of learning.

You don't have to be perfect. (And you never will be.) So why not just go for it? Oh right -- Who will they think I am?? They'll think I'm a fraud. They'll find me out. I'll be mortified.

2 Questions: 1. Who are "they"? (Get specific.) and 2. Are "they" in the arena with you? ie: Are they out there creating something positive for the world and actively getting it out into the world? If not, then "they" don't count. Lean on your tribe in the arena.

You are allowed to feel self doubt and be a leader.

You do not -- I repeat -- YOU DO NOT -- have to wait for confidence. It won't come in the mail. It won't be available on amazon anytime soon (though you might be fooled into thinking you can buy it in the form of lipstick, shoes, the "right" microphone for your podcast, organic wine, a fancier website, or a course with that guru everyone's following). It also won't magically appear after you get/dump that guy/girl, lose the last 10 lbs or get certified in another modality.

You are allowed to mess up when speaking publicly and have typos in your newsletters.

You're allowed to experiment with how you write, how you present yourself to the world, the kinds of things you talk about and the platforms you use most often. It's your choice. It's always what feels best for you. You can take the time you need to figure out what works and feels best through trial and error.

It's ok if the process is messy. That's how you learn what works and what doesn't. People may not understand this from the outside, but don't worry about that. What matters is that you are gathering the information you need to make the next best choice for YOU.

It's ok if you feel squirmy or squeamish or like you want to quit. It's normal. Don't quit.

You're fucking amazing. At doing what you do and being who you are. Sometimes it takes a little time to get that amazingness out into the world in a package that "makes sense." You don't have to deny or hide any part of you. It will all fit together and integrate into a cohesive whole that will ultimately look exactly like you and no one else. No one else will be able to touch you when you hit that sweet spot.

You don't know when that sweet spot will "hit." That's why you need to keep taking messy imperfect consistent action.

Be brave. I know you are. You are a warrior. You've been through so much. You've made it through and this is just the next step. Keep going. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. The world freeking needs you, baby!

We are stronger together -- Please stop thinking you need to do this alone with only the resources directly in front of you. You have us. We have you. Together, we rise and shift and change and disrupt and activate and heal and kick ass. Together.

Love yourself deeply through the process. Let yourself cry when you're sad. Take bubble baths and get massages as needed. Tune out when it's appropriate. But stay engaged. Do not disengage. Breathe through the hard stuff and keep going. The path is unfolding. It never ever stops unfolding. Trust that.

You have everything you need to take just the next right indicated action right now. Close your eyes, tune in to your heart, get quiet and listen. You know what to do.

Whenever you think you don't know, remind yourself "Self, you know what to do. You know the next right action. I will sit patiently and listen so I can receive your instructions."

Believe in yourself and your power. You have so much more than you think you do. Every day, strengthen it. Take a bold inspired action that makes you feel scared and alive at the same time. Trust that you are divinely supported.

I'm so proud of you. And I'm so excited to see what kind of light you will be shining on the world.

Keep shining.

Shine a little brighter than you think is acceptable today.

Repeat tomorrow.

You've got this.

With so much love,


Over to You: Tell me what "shining a little brighter than acceptable" looks like to you today in the comments below.