What to do when you don't feel like showing up every day


If you've worked "regular jobs" for most of your life (or are still in one), you're used to "rules" and bosses and designated breaks and people telling you what to do.


We've been trained to just show up, even if we don't like it. 


And yet, when it comes to our own businesses, consistency of showing up and doing the work can often feel like one of the hardest parts.


Especially in the beginning, there's a lot of work and oftentimes, not a whole lot to show for it. 


It can take massive amounts of energy to get the ball rolling and if you're not seeing immediate payoffs for all of your work, you might be tempted to quit. Or you might start getting more sporadic with showing up. Or you might slip into the depths of negative thinking and spiral into overwhelm and self doubt. 


And there's no one there to tell you what to do next -- or even what you're doing wrong. Or right. Or .... whatever! 


You've just got to figure it out. And that shit is scary. 


First, I want you to know that if you can relate to any of that, CONGRATULATIONS! You're human. 


It's super important to remember that all of that gobble-dee-gook is part of the process.


Hello -- You are doing a lot. You are showing up. You are kicking yourself out of your comfort zone. You are risking, daring, putting your self and your soul's work on the line every day


And it hurts when things aren't happening as fast as you want. 


Here's the thing -- You don't have a map. You're out there in the proverbial "wilderness" (as Brene Brown would say), and you're boldly showing up as best as you can taking scary action after scary action, breath by deep conscious breath not really having any idea of what will happen next. 


Will it work? 


Will this resonate? 


Will that resonate? 


Will they like it? 


Will it be worth the investment? 


Should I show up on this platform? Or that one? 


Should I create this product? Or that one? 


Will I get a return on my investment? 


The truth is, you don't know until you try. 


Entrepreneurs are information gatherers and data analyzers. 


You show up, take action, get a result and then do it again with better information.. 


No one is given the roadmap from Zero Idea to 7-Figure-Superstar in 6 weeks. 


(And quite frankly, if anyone claims to have it, RUN as fast as you can in the opposite direction.) 


This business-building is not for the faint of heart. It's really not. 


And it's very easy to get swayed and influenced by the stories of zero to gazillionaire in 6 months! And then feel awful about yourself and your perceived lack of progress. 


The truth is, I can't teach you Zero-to-Gazillionaire. 


But I can teach you how to stay the course, show up, take scary-action by scary-action, tap through your fear and keep going. Because that's what I'm doing. 


It's a one step at a time process. 


It's a one incremental step out of your comfort zone by one incremental step out of your comfort zone process. 


And it starts by showing up each and every day and doing the hard, often unrecognized work for as long as it takes


What I've seen is that as you stay the course, as you commit to consistency (even when it's fucking hard and you want to quit) -- there will be a tipping point. Your work will be recognized. You'll meet a thought leader. Someone with a big audience will see your post or your blog and be inspired to share it -- or they'll simply watch your consistency and recognize the strength in your message -- and #BOOM -- all of a sudden, after years of hard work and consistency, you'll get the recognition and validation you've been looking for. 


They say that behind every overnight success is 10 years of hard work behind the scenes that no one noticed. 


Don't give up.


The bottom line, when you really don't feel like showing up, is to show up anyway. Figure it out. Dig deep. Connect to your why. And stay connected to a supportive community. 


Keep creating. Don't let go of the rope. You're further along than you think. 


I'll be tapping on this topic next week in the Facebook group


In the meantime, check out Mindset Blast Off™ launching in September.


Think of it like your "entrepreneurial buddy bumpers" -- You will not ever want to give up after taking this course. You'll master your fear. You'll master your resistance. You will take massive action. You will stay the course. I will give you everything I have to help you get wherever it is you want to go.


We're in this together.