How to get sh*t done even when you have a bazillion things to do

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I was working with a client this week I'll call Ann.


Ann has been really overwhelmed lately. Rather than kicking back and relaxing this holiday season, she's been amping it up.


She's cleared a ton of old beliefs around not feeling safe to be visible, around feeling worthy of what she really wants (not what she thought she could get or what would be "acceptable" for the kind of person she used to think she was) and around feeling safe to set boundaries... (particularly around saying no to plans that aren't a "hell yes" or aren't in alignment with what she's currently working on).


Now, the cool thing is that Ann is super excited about what she's manifested (i.e.: worked really freekin' hard for!).


She's racking up the interviews and podcasts, is working on a big product launch and has set herself up to work with a celebrity in her field in 2018.


I'm all like, Wow!


And she's all like -- "Karen, I am so overwhelmed. All of this stuff that's happening is completely amazing and I don't know how I'm going to do it all in the time I have. And it's the holidays!"


Now, this is a good challenge to have in business, but it's still a challenge.  


(Sidenote: this is also a really good example of how our work is never "done." You don't tap once and never have to do it again ever because you're "healed" -- As we grow and evolve, as humans and as entrepreneurs, there will always be a new set of challenges to work through! Yay. I know.)


The first thing Ann and I did together was acknowledge all of the things she has to do.


Simply speaking them out loud and giving them some space to breathe was refreshing for Ann. She's used to holding things inside (a coping mechanism from her childhood that used to keep her safe, but is now hindering her growth).


But even after tapping through feeling safe to express herself, there was still a lot of energy around everything Ann had to do.


So we did a session on releasing the energy of overwhelm and got Ann back into "Peace Brain."


But here's the thing -- with all the stuff on Ann's plate, Ann needs to be tapping every single day on this.


Especially when an issue is present day after day or you have a chronic recurring issue, it's super important to acknowledge and tap through whatever is coming up -- even if it's only at a 2 or 3 intensity -- Every. Single. Day.


The limiting beliefs and fears can trip you up in a hot second if you're not consistently bringing awareness to them and tapping through them.


The last time I checked in with Ann she was doing great. She's committed to keeping her tapping practice super consistent and it's paying off. She mentioned something about how "taking the pressure off herself" has really helped her productivity. Go figure. :)


One of my favorite quotes that I bring up a lot in my coaching is "Panic will not get you to your destination faster."


Panic (which is a relative of overwhelm) clogs up your mojo and slows you down. It freaks out your brain, puts you into Fight or Flight Mode and makes it virtually impossible to get sh*t done.


But you're certainly not doomed to stay there. You just have to learn the tools (AND USE THEM. WINK.) so you can gently drift back into Peace Brain whenever you choose.


Tap every day on your most pressing issue.


I guarantee you'll feel incredible after a few days of doing this. The pressure will release, you'll start focusing on one thing at a time, fear will dissipate and your natural state of badassery will surface. 


(If you choose to do the practice, come back to this blog in a few days and lmk how it went in the comments!) 


(And if you're not sure how to tap on your own, come on over to the Facebook group. I have a ton of videos to tap along with and also one that teaches you how to find the language yourself.)


I've got your back. 


Let's do this.


No more overwhelm. No more sabotage. No more bullshit.


Just like Ann, you can free yourself from any thinking that is making you feel anything less than astounding, incredible and truly freekin' amazing.


I want to help get you there.


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Let's go.