What to do when you're afraid no one wants to buy your thing

When your thing doesn't sell.png

This week in the Facebook group, we tapped on the fear that what you're offering might not sell. This is such a common fear and can keep you from actually GETTING your thing out in the world to sell because you're so scared.


Here are a couple of thoughts on that...


If you're showing up with the energy of fear, fear is what your people are going to feel.


Can you think of a time when you purchased something from someone and you could tell the person wasn't jazzed about their product or service? Now think of someone you've purchased from (maybe more than once) because you LOVE what they do and who they are. What's that person's energy like?


The fact of the matter is, you don't know whether or not your thing will sell until after you put it out into the world. HOWEVER, there are a number of different ways you can make the sale of your product/service much more likely -- one of which is SHOE SALE ENERGY. (hat tip: Life Coach, Susan Hyatt.)


Shoe Sale Energy is the energy you have when you've found an irresistible pair of shoes or a shoe sale that you HAVE to tell your friends about. -- "OMG -- Girrrrl, you've gotta get your bootie down here. These shoes are HOT. And half price. You need them."


It's totally fun energy, excited, committed, and like a HELL YES.

That's the energy you need to bring to your thing when you're promoting it.


And that's not to say you need to use a lot of exclamation points or "Hey girls" if that's not your style. You can be totally committed, soft, gentle, easy and excited in your own way.


The bottom line is, you have to BELIEVE in your product and service SO MUCH that it lights you up from the inside out and you can't WAIT to share it with your peeps. That kind of excitement is contagious and everyone wants to be a part of it!


But how do you get there? How do you harness "shoe sale energy" for your business? What if you're still scared out of your knickers?


That's where tapping comes in.


Write down all the fears that come up when you think about putting your thing out into the world with "Shoe Sale Energy" --


Here are some examples:

What will they think??
What if I look stupid??
I don't want to look like one of those sleazy internet marketing people!
What if I bring my "shoe sale energy" and it still doesn't sell???


While you're tapping, you're going to want to speak all of these things out loud as you're moving through the points. (Because ignoring the negative or pretending it doesn't exist doesn't actually make it go away!)

Fear just needs space to breathe.


The tighter we hold onto it, the scarier and more real it becomes. But when we just let it out (sans judgment), it tends to just dissolve on it's own. That's when you can start tapping on the affirmations and positive opposite of those limiting beliefs.

THEN, you can tap into your "Shoe Sale Energy" -- with bold enthusiasm and badassery. And you can go out into the world and, as they say, Slay All Day.

Remember, you don't need to get rid of all the fear to feel confident. It's ok if you've still got some. You just have to be willing to take conscious courageous CONSISTENT action.




Over to you: In the comments box below, tell me what fears come up for you when you think about showing up with "Shoe Sale Energy"!