Fear is a bugger


I was in a lot of fear this week.


Fear that was telling me I wasn't good enough.


Hadn't accomplished enough.


Wasn't far enough along.


Hadn't worked hard enough (or smart enough).


Fear told me I was less than because that person got that opportunity, that person was prettier, that person was more confident and that person was more successful.


Why tell you this?


Because I want you to know that you don't need to make Fear go away.


You just need to understand Fear's motives for being.


You have to understand how Fear operates -- even when you're doing great.


You have to understand what Fear looks and feels like.


Because when you understand Fear, Fear loses its power over you.


I didn't make Fear mean anything when it came this past week.


I just felt it. I allowed it. I tapped on it. I breathed and I practiced gentleness and compassion.


"Wow. I'm human and I'm having a very human moment. That's totally ok."


And I did my work anyway.


I showed up for live videos and maintained my social presence and honored my commitments -- because that's how I've trained myself to operate.


(MANTRA ALERT!: I honor my feelings and act on my commitments.)


And guess what happened?


Fear passed away.


It literally died.


And the reason it passed so quickly was because I just said YES to it. I experienced it, processed it and allowed it to release.


That's all you ever have to do with your Fear.


That's how you master your life and your emotions and get sh*t done.


Keep tapping.