Fear is a bugger

Fear is a bugger

I was in a lot of fear this week.

Fear that was telling me I wasn't good enough.

Hadn't accomplished enough.

Wasn't far enough along.

Hadn't worked hard enough (or smart enough).

Fear told me I was less than because that person got that opportunity, that person was prettier, that person was more confident and that person was more successful.

Why tell you this? ....

5 Telltale Signs You're Being Ruled By Your Past

5 Telltale Signs You're Being Ruled By Your Past

Can you relate to any of the following?

~Thinking about all of the negative things that could possibly happen in the future – catastrophizing about the worst case scenario.

~Feeling like you’re in a constant state of fear &/or worry – like someone pushed the “On” button and you can’t find the “Off” button

~Stuck in perfection-itis – where you can’t seem to get things out in the world because you’re always finding another thing that’s wrong or needs to be fixed. You have to wait until it’s “just right” to move forward.

~Not being able to clearly identify what you want or where you want to go

~Not being able to trust others and feeling like you need to do everything yourself (probably because no one else would do it right!)

These are all symptoms of being ruled by your past.

Are you "the creative one"?

Are you "the creative one"?

In families, we tend to get a branded identity.

Maybe you're "the creative one" or "the smart one."

Or maybe you're "the rebel" or "the black sheep."

That label became who you thought yourself to be in the world.

Now, sometimes branding can be positive, like in the case of "the creative one" or "the smart one."

But if you've been branded something negative or some other sibling was branded as the thing that you wanted to be, you might just be a little pissed off and/or resentful and/or quite sad that you're simply not that.

That time I lost 7k after hiring a famous coach

That time I lost 7k after hiring a famous coach

You know, I used to LOVE the idea of “getting out of your box” and leaving your comfort zone and dreaming big –

And of course, part of me still does!

I am a huge proponent of ginormous and crazy dreams.

But I'm also a huge proponent of staying inside of your proverbial box.

See, what happens when you're "in a box" and then try to "Dream Big!" or "leap out of your comfort zone" into some whole new reality that you've never known or experienced before is that you completely freak yourself out....

The subconscious reason you're not taking the next step

The subconscious reason you're not taking the next step

I was talking with a client this week (I’ll call her Lilly) who was terrified of taking the next action in her career.

She’s been working in the same gig for quite some time, a freelance creative position, but it’s no longer working for her.

She’s not getting paid enough, she doesn’t get the respect she deserves and it’s making her question who she is and what she’s really worth.

Because she’s been doing the work, she knew that the fear of stepping up and moving to the next level of her work was about more than just fear...