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Join me for a recorded workshop to move from
the energy of fear to the energy of love around your finances. 

(Run time: 2 hours, 45 min)

In this workshop we are going to do one of the most powerful exercises I have
-- The Tapping Tree --  
usually only reserved for my private clients. 


What the heck is a "Tapping Tree"?? 

A tapping tree is an incredible tool that will help you see how the events of your financial past are impacting your financial present. 


It will help you:

  • Uncover the sneaky LBs (Limiting Beliefs) you're holding onto that are keeping you from creating the wealth you desire
  • Reveal the stories you created around your financial past that are keeping you stuck
  • Get in touch with and process your REAL feelings around money (so you can stop white-knuckling your affirmations)
  • Eliminate guilt, shame and regret
  • Unlock the hidden programming you're brain picked up as a result of your financial past
  • Feel free, excited and empowered around your finances and what is possible for you moving forward

In the "bonus" time after we complete the tree, I shared: 

  • 10 Sneaky Ways Self Sabotage Shows Up in Relation to Your Finances
  • And we did a bonus tapping process on releasing your resistance to RECEIVE and tapping into expanding in your life and biz, feeling worthy of more, and being seen as authentically you while expressing your gifts unapologetically

Workshop Details: 

WHAT: A 2-hour 45-minute virtual tapping workshop to help you kiss your financial fears goodbye


2 BONUS PDFs included! 
1. Power Up Your Finances in-depth PDF to help you create your Tapping Tree

2. 21 Practices to Increase Your "Financial Worthiness Factor" (and 12 to stop doing straight away!)



This workshop will be given away as a BONUS when Mindset Blast Off™ Early Bird
enrollment opens in August!

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Your degree of resistance around something will be proportional to the amount of power waiting for you on the other side of that resistance.
— Barbara Stanny