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beta course takeoff: January 28, 2018. 

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week 1: how to kiss STRESS & OVERWHELM goodbye

This week is all about calming the stress-response, also known as the "Fight or Flight" response. You'll learn the difference between creating from "Freaked Out Brain" and "Peace Brain" and I will teach you how to quiet the mental noise. 

You'll also learn: 

~What happens to your body when your brain is in Fight or Flight and how that directly affects how you show up (or don't show up!) in your business. 

~How acknowledging the negative can get you the most positive results and what that means for your daily sanity

~Where does "overwhelm" come from and how to manage "all the things" and get more done while doing less

~How to stop wasting your energy on things you think are important, but really aren't (and save hours in your day). 

Mod 1 Tapping Sessions: 
~Moving from "Freaked Out Brain" to "Peace Brain"
~Overcoming Overwhelm: Releasing "It's all too much!" and Welcoming in Focus and Clarity


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This week we'll dive into your past and take a look at where your current day patterns of sabotage/ overwhelm/ procrastination/ etc came from. 

What are the beliefs that are keeping you from moving forward? And what do your parents, siblings and teachers have to do with that? We'll dive in together to look at where your past may be creating success-blocks and limiting what you think you can achieve. 

Then we're going to tap through the old stories and create the foundation for achieving the success you crave.

Mod 2 Tapping Sessions: 
~Clearing a painful incident from your past
~Forgiving your past

BONUS Video: All About Forgiveness: Unlocking the door to true freedom in your life and business (Bonus PDF Forgiveness sheet also included)

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week 3: how to set soulful goals and make decisions easily

Do you like setting goals? I used to HATE setting goals because it felt like they were totally out of my control. I found a way to change my perspective on goal setting that has helped me take my power back and actually have fun in the process. (Be forewarned: This process may help you reach your goals up to 100% of the time!) 

Goal setting can also make you cringe if you've had goals in the past that didn't work out as planned. Your heart gets broken, you feel embarrassed or ashamed and you become reluctant to set another goal. I'm going to guide you in a special tapping process to relase the weight and pain of old unmanifested goals so that you feel safe and excited about setting big goals for yourself again. 

Mod 3 Tapping Session: 
Releasing Disappointment Around Past Goals and Tapping into Excitement about Future Goals


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week 4: stop believing the bullshit: how to tell your Limiting beliefs and fomo to f-off

Limiting beliefs (LBs) can be the stickiest, stuckiest, most stubborn things to get rid of. This module is all about bringing awarenes to your own LBs and tapping through them. I'll give you a super easy way to find your sneakiest LBs and then we're going to tap the sh*t out of them! 

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can also be a major block in moving forward in your biz. I'm going to teach you how to use tapping to slay the "FOMO Monster" so you can actually move forward powerfully without a side of compare and despair. 

BONUS PDF: I will provide an entire list of some of the most common LBs that can pop up for you as you're creating. This is a great reference tool to have by your side as you're creating so you can spot the BS LBs quickly. (And then tap through them)

Mod 4 Tapping Session:
Letting go of FOMO and Calming the Negative Chatter

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Ever find yourself watching Netflix or browsing Amazon or cleaning your house instead of creating? Yeah, me too. There are a lot of very valid-sounding-reasons why we do that, but I'm gonna call BS on them in this module! There are only ever 2 main reasons why we sabotage or procrastinate and I'm going to tell you what they are and how to overcome them. 

Mod 5 Tapping Sessions: 
~Clearing self sabotaging patterns
~Tapping through Resistance to letting go of resistance

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week 6: expanding with ease: how to go big and shine bright WITHOUT APOLOGY

Ready to stop playing small and step into the spotlight? This module is all about getting you comfortable with expansion in your life and business.

Can you imagine your life and business exactly as you want it -- with all of the money, success, love, spiritual fulfillment -- everything you truly desire -- and feeling comfortable telling your friends and family about it? What if you were more than doubly successful than all of them? 

I'm going to teach you how to use tapping to prime your body and your mind for outrageous success so you feel congruent with all of your big goals moving forward. 

Mod 6 Tapping Sessions:
~Releasing the Fear of Shining Bright
~Tapping on the fear of being "full of yourself"

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~Intro to Tapping Video explaining tapping and showing you all of the tapping points

~Downloadable Tapping Points Diagram

~PDF Lucky Sheets for each module to help you go deeper with the material

~Bonus PDF: Daily Practices for Getting into Peace Brain

~Weekly LIVE Q&As and Tapping Support (You'll be able to tap with me on specific issues that come up for you or get help if you get stuck). These will happen once/week minimum, but possibly more, depending on class size and desire. 

~Bonus Video: How Do I Find the Words When Tapping Myself? Easy 3-Step Process + Lucky PDF with additional "ninja tapping tools"

~Bonus Video: How to Avoid the Most Common Blocks and Mistakes When Tapping 

~Bonus Video: Can I Overtap?

~Bonus Video: How Do I Know if I'm Tapping on the Right Issue? 

~Bonus Video: 2 Stealthy Brain Hacks to Get Both Sides of Your Brain to Play Nice

~Bonus Video: 6 Magic Hats -- The Awesome Way to Get Yourself to Think Differently

~Bonus Audio: Are you playing not to lose? Or playing to win? (And how to tap on that!)

~Bonus Audio: Showing Up, Getting Visible and Staying Consistent

Bonus PDF: Recommended reading to take your mindset work further


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(After signing up, you'll receive an email with the BETA Application. You will not be asked to submit payment until after the application is received and reviewed to make sure it's a good fit for both of us.
You'll have the opportunity to ask additional questions or set up a Zoom call with me if you wish. :) 

Hiya lightworker, 

Thanks for checking out the Mindset Blast Off: Fuel Your Online Mission with the Power of Pro EFT™ Tapping course. I'm so excited about this beta course-- and because this is "Round 1," there are just a few things I want you to know before signing up! 

1. Because this is a BETA round, the content in each module may shift. Also, please note that the titles for the modules are not set in stone. 

2. I'm doing my best to create ALL of the bonuses for the BETA round, but due to time constraints, there's a chance I may not be able to get to all of them. Additionally, the content of the bonuses is also subject to change. 

3. I want you to get results from this course! And I'm super committed to showing up and supporting you every step of the way. I'm counting on you, as my student, to provide honest and compassionate feedback so I can continue to improve both in this version and future versions. 

4. I will give you access to this course for a minimum of 8 weeks to rewatch videos and take notes if you wish. 


If you have additional questions, please email me at: karenberzanski[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you!


(If you've already signed up on the Beta Version Waitlist, filled out the application, and wish to join,
please email me at karenberzanski[at]gmail[dot]com so I can send you the payment link)