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You’re here to do something great.

There's no more time to indulge in the "I'm not good enoughs" and the "I’m not readys"
and the "I don't know if I cans"   

Navigating the crazy in your head shouldn't be a full time job.

And navigating the unique challenges of building a business shouldn't be done alone.

That's where I come in.

Let's get started.

You are among the ministers for God. ~A Course in Miracles

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Certified Life Coach, Pro EFT Tapping Coach, Mindset enthusiast and trauma thriver. 

I am wholeheartedly committed to helping talented lightworkers get their gifts out into the world. You're in the right place if you're an energy worker, a conscious parenting coach, a mindfulness facilitator, holistic fashionista, an artist or performer who wants to get a powerful inspiring message out in the world, a conscious businessperson who's determined to make the world a better place, or someone with an idea for positive change. If you fit somewhere in between those lines, welcome.

If you want to make a difference and an impact with your work, if you're ready to step up, welcome

If you don't fit in the traditional business box or you feel like a bit of an outsider, if you want a life based on your deepest values and desires -- your deepest longing, welcome. 

I know how scary it can feel putting yourself out there in a world that might not understand you yet. Or coming from a family that thinks you're nuts for doing what you do (or being who you are). Or being in a community (social/ religious/ whatever) that doesn't "get you." I know that you're putting yourself, your work, your reputation on the line by even thinking about shining a light on yourself.

Rest assured, sweet friend, you're in the right place.