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You give it your all. Over and over again, you go through the most vulnerable and powerful experience ever:

You’re putting yourself out there. Naked.

But then, instead of soaring, you start to wonder...

"Am I good enough?"

"What if I suck??"

"What will they think?!"

Your breath gets high, sweat trickles down your back, your throat gets tight. You say to yourself “I’ll just do my best I can, despite wanting to run off and hide under the covers.”

Afterwards, you’ve got the nagging feeling you could have done better. Self sabotage leaves a bitter taste.

This has to end.

I’m Karen Berzanski and I’m here to tell you there’s another way.

I’ll help you ditch the self doubt that stands between you and your best work.

I’ll show you how you to create untethered by fear and unburdened by self-sabotage.

How? With Pro EFT also called “Tapping”.

EFT tells us we have a choice to make. The choice between a state of survival and creativity. It is fast and easy to do (yes, even before your first live webinar or podcast!). Your level of commitment and dedication controls the outcome.

Ready to play the biggest game of your life?

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